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Beginner Mx Racers Build Massive Confidence

Beginner and intermediate motocross racers ride like a pro, get to the front of the pack, & see the checkered flag first.

Are you looking to improve your motocross racing and start getting to the front of the pack?

Are you getting tired during your race and making costly mistakes? Is the jumps scaring the crap out of you?

Are the ruts driving you crazy that you just don’t have the confidence to flow into them and out?

Are the corners slowing you down when they actually should be the place where you make the most time?

Are you getting more injuries than you would like to deal with?

How about starts that are no where near the front… Remember there are two races to your motocross race. The race from the start to the first turn and then from the first turn to the finish. A massive key is winning that first race makes it a heck of a lot easier for the second part.

How Would It Feel To Race Motocross & Ride More Like This:

  • Get what they call “the flow” (You and the dirt bike become one)
  • Get more racing speed
  • Make less mistakes
  • Jump Better
  • Get Better Starts
  • Pass Your Way To The Front Accelerate Like A Pro
  • Become a safer rider….. Less chance of injury
  • No more getting tired during the motocross race
  • Corner Better
  • Hit The Ruts With Confidence
  • Learn To Brake For Better Control
  • No Coasting….. Your Either Braking Or Accelerating

Motocross Coaching/Training

Start Seeing The Checkered Flag First!

Master The World Of Motocross Racing & Riding!

Just imagine reaching that racing goal that you had been struggling with. The feeling will be like no other! Just imagine gaining full control of your bike. It will feel like it is a part of you!

This is exactly what Dirt Soldiers Mx school is for! Gain control of your bike, become faster and more confident than ever!

Teaching beginner motocross riders the foundation to build confidence, control, flow, and a lot more in private, semi-private, and group training. You will leave a better rider!

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Online School/Motocross Training Academy

Are you new to Motocross riding, and don't know where to turn for help? Do you need proper direction, but just can't find the right place for it? Are you looking to find something that will help you improve immensely?

Motocross is not an easy sport. When you start, you will find that you aren't as fast as you want to be, or you don't have as much control over your bike as you would like. You want to improve, but you just don't know how.

This is exactly what Motocross Training Academy is for! Gain control of your bike, become faster and more confident than ever!

Our online school is where you get over 40 hrs & 50 videos of our foundation training! Stream any video on how to do corners, whoops, jumps, braking, acceleration, throttle control, and much more right to your phone at the practice track. Transform the way you ride!

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I will teach you right from your own video.

Send me a video of you riding and I will correct all your mistakes with your body position and the use of your 5 controls. You can also let me know where you are having some of the most problems on the track or riding and I will teach you the correct techniques to correct the problem.

This is done right on your video with my software program and sent back to you. You can check it out here.
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Dial in your racing techniques. Get fit fast! And become a better all-round rider by using Pro Motocross Riding & Fitness Techniques. A "how to" book and must-have for developing riders.


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What People Say

Thanks Scoob! Had my best season ever since following your advice looking forward toward even better seasons to come, your programs rock!
Justin A.
Nanticoke, PA

Justian A.


I’m a newbie but having a great time trying your techniques. Thanks for putting out great videos and am looking forward to seeing more! Dean


Hi Scoob,

I’m a noob MX rider nearly 40 years young. After watching the foundation video’s I can already bug the faster guys. Never imagined that I could improve that fast and far. I’m grateful for that, I looking forward to get the MTA course.

Thanks from a dusty Curacao



Your tips and videos have been an excellent help in improving my riding keep up the good work thanks again,

Matt from Wales

Matt from Wales
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Building Motocross Champions

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