Mx Riders who want to Race Motocross or who are struggling to find Control, Confidence, & Flow on the track...  Join us for a 1 Day School June 28th. Twist the throttle & roost all over the struggling amateur in You!

You will be a better rider with confidence, control, and flow like a pro in just 7 hrs... Guaranteed!

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Discover How You Can Take Your Motocross Racing to the Next Level!...

I COACH my riders so they build confidence to master the techniques for an experience that shows beyond the doubts that you have what it takes to succeed and compete with the best in the sport!

  • The Basics

    • Braking, shifting, throttle control
    • Body positioning (standing, sitting & weight transfer)
    • Proper bike setup

  • Cornering

    • Speed, line selection, rutted & berm corners
    • Finding and making new lines
    • Proper entering and exiting of cornering
    • Body positioning

  • Jumping

    • Double jumping, judging launches and landings
    • Body positioning
    • Steep jumps and jumps with kickers
    • Rutted, slick, sand jumping
    • Line selection and the “seat bounce theory”

  • Starts

    • Learning to holeshot
    • Mental aspect, gate selection and proper positioning



I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for providing us with a fantastic learning experience at your camp this past weekend. You really have a great thing going there and your enthusiasm really shows. Nash and I were really beginners at this sport. I had only rode my bike maybe a dozen times before coming to camp. I definitely noticed big improvements in just those couple of days and after a few days of rest I really noticed the difference when I got back on for a ride. I was afraid that starting a sport like this at 44 years old would be disappointing but it's been anything but. I really love it and think about riding all the time and wish I started riding sooner because it's something I always wanted to do. Nash also made bid improvements and came home and is now whipping all around the yard begging me to make him a jump this weekend. I really appreciate the attention you gave him and made him feel a part of things. I was proud of him that weekend and glad he gave it a try. You say riding was not something you were at natural at but damn you certainly were meant to teach. I appreciate you toughing it out for all of us even though you were feeling pretty lousy. I'm continuing to practice on and off the bike and would love to come back for some private instruction in the fall. We met some great people that weekend and I really can't say thank you enough!!! I'll keep in touch and be well.

- Robert Ryan & Son Ash
  • Master the art of cornering
  • Discover the seven fundamental laws of motocross physics
  • Gain confidence, control, and have more fun!
  • Become a safer and smarter rider.

Lead by Scoob Lanzendorfer of Dirt Soldiers MX


Hi Scoob,

I'm extremely happy with the results of the camp. Above expectation. By FAR! Excited to go out and put my new skills to the test here.

Tomorrow is the big day. I'll give it my all, make you proud.

I do miss Loretto, it's people, and your track. Also the smell of fresh cut hay... I definitely will return to you, It's so cool to hang out with focused people and the awesome track. 1000 times thanks.

- Michel
Get Riding Full Throttle NowLimited Space available. Register NOW to hold your spot!

Location: Dirt Soldiers Mx Park

Date:  Sunday June 28th From 10Am -5Pm

Cost: $200 per rider  $50 deposit to hold spot in camp./ Only taking 10 riders

Who: Open to racers with 65cc and larger motorcycles of all skill levels beginner to pro.

Limit: 10 riders per school


contact: scoob @   814-330-2058