110% focus Everywhere

110% focus Everywhere

Motocross racing and practice takes 110% focus and full engagement. Don’t go at it half ┬áhearted. Put your full focus and heart into it and you will see massive improvements. ^5

Build massive confidence, Gain total control of your bike & Ride like A Pro

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About scoob

I am 110% committed to your motocross racing success with my motocross school, fitness training, & tips. Even if you have the motocross bug in your heart but never threw a leg over a dirt bike, I will help teach you how to ride. If your a racer already and want to improve your skills whether it be in fitness, riding skills, mental, or all three. we will get you to the top of the pack and winning races. Your motocross Racing coach.

  • Ryan

    Scoob great video, I often wonder why this sport is so addictive. I’m 39 years old I look after my family first then everything after that is about going riding its like a sickness. My theory is this. As a kid I was very good at any of the stick and ball sports then at age 13 I through a leg over a bike for the first time and I was TERRIBLE! I have improved over the years but still have a long way to go. Its like a riddle and until i reach a level I see as acceptable I don’t see this obsession going away.

    I have a brother that is 51 and far more addicted than I am, if you listen to him talk about MX he sounds like a 16 year old kid LOL!!!

    • mxscoob

      Haha awesome and I totally agree. This sport is also about man and machine becoming one. No wonder we sometimes call are bikes are baby or are girl. there is no other sport where man and his machine have to become so