Podcast 2 Amanda Sokalski: Women’s Pro Motocross Racer Interview

Podcast 2 Amanda Sokalski: Women’s Pro Motocross Racer Interview

What does it take to be a successful women’s motocross racer? Join us as Amanda Sokalski shares her motocross racing journey and shares her mindset and an inside glance at her journey to becoming a successful motocross racer. Learn how she pushed forward  through a family tragedy and is inspired by her sister.

Check out some of the ways to learn more and connect with Amanda:

Mx Ladies Website


Mx ladies Facebook page


Amanda Sokalski Facebook Page


The Sokalski’s have a great way to help injured rides in honor of their daughter and sister. Please check this out and help any way you can. ( I love the name)

The Ashley Sokalski Braaap Fund website


Check out some of the events to help and show your support.

Braaap Bowling…. again I love the name!

You can check  it out at  http://ashleesokalski316.com/

Also a Memorial Day ride at Amanda’s home track Baja MX called

Ash Kickin (they come up with the best Names)


Sponsors and People Amanda would like to thank:

My family for everything they do for me, along with my boyfriend and his family.

The man up above

Motocross Ladies, LBeardsleyCPA.com, Factory Connection, Fly Racing, Moto Efx, Atlas, 100 Percent, Bell Helmets, Matrix, Magic Racing, Magnum, Gaerne, Works Connection

 Youtube Video Of Amanda

Youtube Video Of Ashley

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