Correct Center Of Balance For The Forces Of Braking & Accelerating

Correct Center Of Balance For The Forces Of Braking & Accelerating

We have two major forces when racing motocross… Braking & Accelerating

We need to move our body under these forces to be in the correct center of balance. If we freeze like a lot of amateurs do ( I understand… I was there once, you get nervous) we create all kinds of bad habits and techniques and never become one with the bike and in return we never ride to our full potential. We always fight the bike and crash a lot more.

This simple technique will help big time. Once you start to apply it you will become one with the bike, flow on the bike, and much more. It also helps with arm pump.

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  • Joshua Macias Whosoever

    thanks for the video very understanding and will apply these techniques next time I go out to the track

    • scoob

      No problem Josh. Glad I could help! You will see big improvements when you apply these techniques. keep me posted man would live to hear about your progress!

      • scoob

        That would love not live…LOL

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