Dirt Soldiers Motocross Training Academy /The Foundation: Free Video Training!

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 I guarantee that you will become a faster, more confident rider if you follow the Dirt Soldiers MX training routine…

If you want to improve as a rider and step it up to the next level then you need to master these techniques. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you train with the Dirt Soldiers Mx program:

  • Gain control over your bike. 
  • Shave seconds off your lap times. 
  • Improve your confidence.
  • Reduce your injuries. 
  • Effectively eliminate arm pump.

Transform the way you ride dirt bikes & race motocross! Go from sketchy and unsure to confident, fast in control and flow like a pro!

You’ll gain istant access into Dirt Soldiers Motocross Training Academy  website where you will learn exactly the two techniques Center Of Balance also known as Attack Position (seated and standing) & The 5 Controls, these are the fundamentals. This is the foundation. Just like a house if these are not built first everything else will crumble or you will never ride to your full potential. Everything in motocross, whoops, jumps, ruts, everything starts with building this foundation and are most important when it comes to motocross racing.  You’ll have  this training at your fingertips. All of which were created from years of racing experience!

Getting Started: Center Of Balance- This  Training program teaches you the basic moves and is the starting point to riding great. I will teach you exactly how to find center of balance, the seated and standing, and when you do the two different methods. This will lay the groundwork for all your riding techniques and lead to your habits good or bad… were shooting for good!

Master The 5 Controls: Now that the basics are under your belt, it’s time to start learning the 5 controls: Clutch, Front Brake, Rear Brake, Throttle, & Shifter. This is how you control your motocross bike…tell it what to do. When blended with Center of Balance gives you ultimate control. Here is a quick tip. You always have to be giving the bike some command through the controls. If you don’t and are in what we call the dreaded coasting, the bike will do what it wants and that’s usually put you down on the ground!

Braking:  How to brake correctly- Brakes are used for more than just slowing you down. When you learn how to use the brakes in the right way they add precision and control to your motocross bike. We will be covering a lot on brakes in all situations.

Accelerating: Again acceleration is more than just a handful of throttle. Using the throttle adds control. I will show you how to use acceleration to gain control and confidence. Remember if you’re not braking or accelerating then your coasting…this is a no no!

Corners: Braking  & Accelerating-  How to use the front and rear brake to master the corners blended with center of balance. This is exactly how corners are done. There is nothing else but Center Of  Balance and Master Of The 5 Controls!

Center Of Balance & Master Of  the 5 Controls For:

  • Jumps
  • Whoops
  • Ruts
  • And Much More
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