You love to film yourself riding right? Well send your video to me or tell me where it is on Youtube and I will take it and coach you right on your own video!

Are you looking to improve your motocross racing and start getting to the front of the pack?

Are you getting tired during your race and making costly mistakes? Is the jumps scaring the crap out of you?

Are the ruts driving you crazy that you just don't have the confidence to flow into them and out?

Are the corners slowing you down when they actually should be the place where you make the most time?

Are you getting more injuries than you would like to deal with?

DSMX Video motocross training... I'll train you on your video!

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How Would It Feel To Race Motocross & Ride Like This:

  • Get what they call “the flow” (You and the bike become one)
  • Become a safer rider….. Less chance of injury
  • Get more speed
  • No more getting tired during the race
  • Make less mistakes
  • Corner Better
  • Jump Better
  • Hit The Ruts With Confidence
  • Get Better Starts
  • Learn To Brake For Better Control
  • Pass Your Way To The Front Accelerate Like A Pro
  • No Coasting….. Your Either Braking Or Accelerating

If You Can Learn Just Two Motocross Techniques Then You Can Ride A Motocross Bike To It’s Full Potential And Take Your Racing To A Whole New Level!  I will show you the correct ways to do these two techniques and a whole lot more right on your own video that you can keep forever!

I am going to give you me one-on-one and you will learn

The foundation of motocross (Master Body Position & The Five Controls)

All Mistakes You're Making In All Situations (Corners,Whoops,Jumps, Ruts..etc)

I will give you ways to get through any problems that really frustrate you.

You will get your own page on Dirt Soldiers Mx when the video is complete to study what I teach you and to download your video!

and you keep forever and can go back to any time to study and help you improve.

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Only $97.00 for personal coaching on on your video! That you keep forever!

Happy Motocross Racers & Riders

Got it! Thank you so much thats exactly what I was talking about. I really appreciate that Scoob you just won yourself a customer. I'm in Calgary Canada bit too cold and snowy to be riding right now but as soon as the season starts I'll sign up and be bugging you again. I know a ton of guys that will be interested in this.

Thanks, Ryan.

Just watched it. I thought you did a great job with it especially without knowing much about the photo and you brought up a good point that I should be standing.  It never occurred to me to stand in that instance but you are right.
I was trying to anticipate what you were going to say but you still mentioned things that I wasn't expecting and I think you were right on the money. Thanks for the tips!
I am looking forward to the videos for standing and seated drills for center of balance!


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Only $97.00 for personal coaching on on your video! That you keep forever!