New Book Reveals:  Motocross racing boils down to 3 things and they all affect one another.

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you..

Riding techniques (Center of Balance & Master Of The 5 Controls)

Mx Fitness Training (Get yourself fit ) Mx the most physiacally demanding sport in the world

Your Mental Toughness (Swagger Confidence)

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Master of Center of Balance & 5 Controls

    It all starts with these two. If you’re looking for confidence, control, flow, &  to ride like a pro this book covers all the techniques to take you there!

  • Fitness Training for MX

    Motocross racing is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. If you’re out of shape you get tired. Guess what?…. it starts to affect your Center of Balance and the correct use of the 5 Controls. You will always fight the bike and build no confidence.

  • Mental Toughness (Swagger)

    The First two…  COB & M5C are where you get control, flow, & become one with the bike. The fitness allows you to stay there in riding and racing and then in return you build confidence (swagger).

Here are some of the essentials that I have compiled in this Pro Motocross Riding Techniques & Fitness Tips Ebook …

Some Of The Techniques You Will Learn

  • The 3 different techniques for whoops
  • The exact ways to use the 6 types of jumping techniques
  • 2 important conditions you must fulfill for you to test your motocross braking skills
  • 7 ideas on how to test yourself on your braking skills, or your “lack” of them using the rear brake
  • 9 more tips on the front brake
  • The best Bike fitting for shorter riders
  • The perfect bike set up for taller riders
  • How to ride in mud
  • Your complete guide to jumping
  • How to brake correctly
  • 4 P.R.O.V.E.N. practice tips for a successful race day
  • Motocross sleep …why it is very important. Forget this at your own peril
  • Why you should surround yourself with the right people
  • and much more…….

Even More Awesome Fitness / Techniques You Will Learn

  • 34 off-road riding techniques for trees, rocks, water, sidehills, uphills and cliff climbs, g-outs, and uphill ruts
  • 4 effective off-road survival tips
  • Uncovering the 2 fundamental groups of motocross techniques
  • 7 motocross fitness tips
  • The mental game of motocross
  • How to improve your agility
  • Your nutritional guidelines to motocross
  • 4 motocross fitness tests
  • How you can race with a beer-belly …oh yes, you can and this is not a joke
  • How to add intensity to your pre-season training programs
  • How to Combine Cardiovascular and Resistance Training for Maximum Benefit
  • The Kind of Food that will fit your body for before, on and after race days
  • Your best bet guide for training for motocross and off-road riding
  • and much more…….

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Thanks Scoob! Had my best season ever since following your advice looking forward toward even better seasons to come, your programs rock!

Justin A.

Nanticoke, PA

Justin A.

I like the fitness and mental stuff. That book you gave me a while back has helped out alot. I credit what I have been able to adapt from your tips and chats to helping me take home second in class for Vet B in the 2013 Get-Xtr-Eme (GXE) series.


Your tips and videos have been an excellent help in improving my riding keep up the good work thanks again,

Matt from Wales

Lots of helpful info at my fingertips! Great job Scoob! Looking forward to applying what I learn from your book!


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