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Master Your World Of Motocross Racing & Riding!

Just imagine reaching that racing goal that you had been struggling with. The feeling will be like no other! Just imagine gaining full control of your bike. It will feel like it is a part of you!

This is exactly what Dirt Soldiers Mx school is for! Gain control of your bike, become faster and more confident than ever!

Teaching motocross riders the foundation to build confidence, control, flow, and a lot more in private, semi-private, and group training. You will leave a better rider!

What We Teach

  • Master Of The 5 Controls
  • Braking, Clutch Feed, Shifting, Throttle Control
  • Body Positioning Center Of Balance (standing, sitting & weight transfer)
  • Proper Bike Setup
  • Speed, Line Selection, Rutted & Berm Corners
  • Finding and Making New Lines
  • Proper Entering and Exiting of Cornering
  • Keeping Momentum
  • Double Jumping, Judging Launches and Landings
  • Steep Jumps and Jumps with Kickers
  • Rutted, Slick, Sand Jumping
  • Line Selection and the "Seat Bounce & Scrub"
  • Correct Techniques to Holeshot
  • Mental Game Of Moto
  • Anticipation In Motocross
  • Endurance

Professional Motocross Coaching

Master The Fundamental Techniques So That You Can Ride with Control, Confidence & Flow!

discover the most valuable motocross racing systems, tools, and strategies that transform your racing and riding.

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What are Students Have to Say

With the right techniques and coaching You Can.....

  • Get what they call “the flow” (You and the bike become one)
  • Get more speed
  • Make less mistakes
  • Hit And Land Jumps With Confidence
  • Rail Corners
  • Accelerate Like A Pro
  • Pass Your Way To The Front
  • Become a safer rider….. Less chance of injury
  • No more getting tired during the race
  • Get The Holeshot
  • Hit The Ruts With Confidence
  • Learn To Brake For Better Control
  • No Coasting….. Your Either Braking Or Accelerating
  • Skim The Whoops

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Dirt Soldiers MX School

Happy Moto Rider

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    “I have trained with Scoob for almost all my life. He is a great and well rounded trainer! When I was a young kid he taught me so much about proper riding techniques all the way into my late teen years of riding he still helps and rides with me all the time. I would not be at the level I am today without the help of him. ”
    Donny Melineck