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I will be at Durhamtown Offroad and Resort in Georgia October 14th and 15th to do a 2-day Mx school
If you would like to get some training in at Durhamtown or surrounding area the week of Oct 16 thru Oct 22 Contact me at 814-330-2058 or email me at and we will get it set up!
Stop riding with bad technique, lack of swagger, sucking in the corners & fear of jumps… Learn the correct techniques so that you can ride with control, confidence and flow. Join me for a lesson Oct 16 thru the 22 and learn how to…Yep, actually take your
riding to the next level!


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I am 110% committed to your motocross racing success with my motocross school, fitness training, & tips. Even if you have the motocross bug in your heart but never threw a leg over a dirt bike, I will help teach you how to ride. If your a racer already and want to improve your skills whether it be in fitness, riding skills, mental, or all three. we will get you to the top of the pack and winning races. Your motocross Racing coach. Scoob