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Twenty years of my life leading up to three yeras ago I was working as a Corrections Officer in a prison and let me just say…This job sucked! Sucked the life out of my soul! I was training kids, adults, and anybody who had a passion to ride moto on the side after I got home from the soul sucking prision guard job. 

Then I meet a mentor who showed me the keys to taking my training of motocross students and my Motocross School to the next level. In a year and a half I quit the soul sucking job and now hang out at the place I luv the most… motocross tracks… and help people kick ass on a dirt bike… It’s so rewarding! 

Now you have the same chance to do the same and….

-Be a professional motocross coach in which your coaching has students realizing breakthrough results.

 -Owning and independently operating a profitable motocross coaching business. 

Are you intersted in an exciting and lucrative career in Motocross? If you don’t think you have what it takes to Be A MX Coach, think again!

If you can see yourself in any of this then I am here to let you know that to be a professional motocross coach does not require you to have a championship, be a known factory rider or the fastest guy on the track.
And having a championship, being a known factory rider or the fastest guy on the track does not make you a coach.  This is obvious in most other sports, but in motocross there is a perception that to be a coach you must be fast and unfortunately many times that is all that is required.  

The notion is if you can go faster than me you must have the ability to coach me.  What is required is a strong desire to make the difference for your students!

Now you can have this opportunity of a life-time to be personally trained and mentored by Joe DeGano of MX Coach to Be A MX Coach and have a thriving motocross coaching business.
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I am 110% committed to your motocross racing success with my motocross school, fitness training, & tips. Even if you have the motocross bug in your heart but never threw a leg over a dirt bike, I will help teach you how to ride. If your a racer already and want to improve your skills whether it be in fitness, riding skills, mental, or all three. we will get you to the top of the pack and winning races. Your motocross Racing coach. Scoob