The Benefits Of Cardio Training!

Although we all have unique personalities, our society is very visually-oriented. “A picture paints a thousand words.” “The first impression is what counts.” Like it or not, we are judged by our looks. Why else would people subject themselves to Botox? Why is the elusive “six-pack” the holy grail of the beach-goer?Maybe being body-conscious is a good thing. After all, without our physical bodies, not much else is possible. So the payoff of health and fitness is a welcome byproduct of chasing after that perfect physique. So how to achieve it?There’s a million “solutions in a pill” on the market but they’re mostly scams.

The real truth is that success is found in that old solution: hard work. And a big part of that is cardio training.cardio training3Defining Cardio TrainingIn a nutshell, cardio training is a physical exercise involving the large muscle groups that elevates your heart rate to about 70% of max, and maintaining it there for a given period of time. For example, with running, cardio is also known as endurance training as opposed to a higher heart rate which is associated with speedwork (or anaerobic).It’s also referred to as aerobic exercise, which simply means oxygen-burning. The good news is that there are a variety of sports which fit into the cardio bag, so there’s something for virtually everybody. What’s yours? Rowing, jogging, swimming, biking, group aerobics? Bring it on!

Specifically, What are Cardio Training’s Benefits?

 It prevents illness. Specifically, heart disease. Like they say, “Use it or Lose it.” Your heart works harder so it gets stronger, as does your pulmonary system. What other conditions does it ward off? How about high cholesterol levels (associated with heart disease)? Also diabetes (associated with obesity). The cardio level that is appropriate is closely tied to general health. For example, cross-country skiing is appropriate for the more fit while brisk walking is fine for those just getting started in an exercise program.

 Weight Control. This one is fairly obvious. Fat stored in the body is used as the fuel burned in aerobic or cardio training in the form of calories. When beginning a cardio program, the weight will seem to come off slowly, but as you approach your ideal target lean muscle/fat ratio, your body will have become a more efficient calorie burning machine.

Boost Your Energy Level. This is just another aspect of your body getting tuned up and more efficient. Your muscle mass is becoming stronger and more toned, and the built-up store of toxins are being eliminated. The result is a higher energy level.

Body Fat Reduction. This was explained in the second point above. Many people mistakenly believe that diet alone will allow them to reach their desired body fat ratio. With most people, this is not the case. The body has a way of self-conserving which slows down the fat-burning mechanism as caloric intake increases.

 And Finally, it’s Fun! It’s true; people that work out on a regular basis have a zest for life and look forward not only to their workouts but the camaraderie with workout partners.

Cardio Training Guidelines

Begin Straightaway. Simple but true. There’s no time like the present. As usual, be sure you’re healthy enough for the workout that interests you. Do you have a time line for improvement? If not, work out a realistic one. Make it a lifestyle change; that means both cardio and a proper diet.

Make Your Plan Realistic. Many people get so enthusiastic when they commence participating in cardio that they start without a plan and overdo it. When they overdo it and get injured, it’s all over. Begin realistically – thirty to forty five minutes. Once that’s comfortable you’ll have a baseline and can begin bumping it up. If weight loss is the goal, modify your diet while working out at least five days per week. The two rest days do not have to be contiguous; your schedule can be flexible.

Monitor Your Progress. This is important for two reasons. First, having your athletic accomplishments is written down in a log is a great source of encouragement, especially when those low moods invade. But secondly, you need a written record to know when you’re ready to increase the time and intensity of workouts; you can’t rely on gut instincts alone. For example, if your aim is to improve your 5K race time, you must do intervals. Only bump up your speed/distance every other week to avoid injury.cardio 2

Schedule Your Cardio Workouts for Results. Although you can be fairly flexible on when you work out there are optimal times. If you do it before work in the morning and then clean up, you’ll be energized while your co-workers are still groggy. If you do it after work, you’ll develop a healthy appetite for dinner. But never work out within two hours of bedtime – it’ll just keep you awake.

Snack Strategically. Your energy level has to be just right when you work out. A good strategy is to eat a quality snack a half hour beforehand. Be sure it’s a slow burning carb. Refined sugar will release too much insulin into your bloodstream, causing a crash. Save the sugary stuff for immediately after your workout to replace the glycogen to be stored in your muscles and liver for your next workout.

Indoors or Outdoors? To a large extent, this depends of the situation. Obviously, for your weight training, you’ll be indoors (unless you live by a California beach or in prison and have to work out in the “yard”!). But for outdoor activities such as running, get outdoors and enjoy the weather and nature! The only caveat here is to avoid car fumes as much as possible. How about a trail run!


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