Join us for a 1-day Motocross School: July 8th, 2017

1-Day Schools /Foundation Training/ Build Good Racing Habits For Saftey, Confidence, Speed & Control


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Dirt Soldiers Foundation Training: Ready to discover motocross techniques & secrets to take your racing skills to a whole new level?

Teaching beginner and novice riders how to Master Body Position & The 5 Controls. These are the fundamentals & the building blocks to racing & riding motocross.

Get this right and you build good riding habits that build confidence, control, flow, & safety. Everything from  whoops, starts, jumps, ruts, corners, uphills, downhills, & passing  becomes a whole heck of a lot easier.  Great racing & riding starts from these two techniques.

Master these Fundamentals Techniques at Dirt Soldiers Mx Training School

Discover How You Can get Control, Confidence, & Flow on the Motocross track... Twist the throttle & ride to your full potential, eliminate past failures, punch your fears in the face!

You, will be taught and learn the fundamental techniques, It will be like a million little Ryan Dungey's running through your body. Also the importance of proper braking, body positioning, throttle control, cornering skill building, cornering strategies, line selection, jumping,starting strategies, building confidence and much more.

  • 1 Day School -  6 Hours
  • 5-10 riders
  • 9:00am to 3:00 pm
  • $150 per rider
  • $50 deposit to hold spot in training/ Paid on registration form

Upcoming Foundation 1-day Training Schools At Dirt Soldiers MX Facility

  • July 8th /2017
  • My son had a great time with Scoob and they got to work on exactly what he needed to concentrate on. Looking forward to another session!
  • Best mx coach ever.
  • I have to thank you Dirt Soldiers. Putting in the time and effort to get me/us to the next level. Railing corners in a rut or even flat corners is no more a scary and slow unpredictable process. Also thanks for the other peeps around for the friendly words and advises. I got a hell of a good time.
    Michel van Werven
  • Well the weeks gone. Never have I been pushed so hard on a dirt bike in the entire time I have been riding. Today on the track was the fastest and most confident that I have ever been. All thanks to the awesome training from scoob with Dirt Soldiers. He has a program that will absolutely bring out the best rider in you, if you can hang. Hate to see him leave.
  • “Ever since I started training with Scoob, I have improved my riding skills. Scoob has taught me how to ride safer and faster. I am at least 25 seconds faster on my practice lap, which is an awesome improvement. I have been training with Scoob for about two years now, and I will continue to train with him as long as I am able to ride. Thanks Scoob, I can't wait for our next lesson so I can get even FASTER!!”
  • "Thanks Scoob! Had my best season ever since following your advice looking forward toward even better seasons to come, your programs rock!"
  • "My last year working with Scoob at Dirt Soilders Mx has been the best part of my young racing career. Scoob has all the tools you need to become a more confident and more powerful rider on and off the track. The biggest thing that has helped me is my confidence in myself, in other words Scoob lit that fire under me and it has me with an attitude that always pushes myself harder and harder each time im at the gym, and on the track."

Space Is Limited. Hold Your Spot Today!

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If you are interested in a 2 day weekend class in your area, have access to a track, and are interested in putting together a group of 12-15 students contact Scoob and he will get you more details and let you know what is in it for you for your time and effort.

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