Discover How You Can get Control, Confidence, & Flow on the Motocross track... Twist the throttle & ride to your full potential, eliminate past failures, punch your fears in the face!

You will be a better motocross rider.. like a pro in just 2 days... Guaranteed!

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Learn From Professional Motocross Coaches.Join Joe DeGano from Mx Coach and Scoob from Dirt Soldiers Motocross at Durhamtown Mx School. Discover the eight laws of motorcycle physics, Master the art of cornering, Gain confidence, control, and have more fun, Be a safer and smarter rider, Learn championship proven MX techniques

Join us for a 2 day Motocross School at Durhamtown Offroad Resort: October 14th & 15th/2017

  Camp is now full! 2 spots still available.

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I will be at Durhamtown Offroad and Resort in Georgia October 14th and 15th to do a school and also become a even better coach through the Be A Mx Coach Program.

If you would like to get some training in at Durhamtown or surrounding area the week of Oct 16 thru Oct 22 Contact me at 814-330-2058 or contact by email and we will get it set up!

Stop suffering from lack of swagger, sucking in the corners, Learn the correct techniques so that you can ride with control, confidence and flow. Sign up for a lesson Oct 16-22 and learn how to…Yep, actually take your riding to the next level!

Dirt Soldiers Foundation Training: Ready to discover motocross techniques & secrets to take your racing skills to a whole new level?


You, will be taught and learn the fundamental techniques, It will be like a million little Ryan Dungey's running through your body. Also the importance of proper braking, body positioning, throttle control, cornering skill building, cornering strategies, line selection, jumping, and starting strategies.

We spend the a lot of  time on cornering. Your corner skills will be improved. Even if you are a great cornerer, I will help you choose solid lines and even some obscure ones to consider.

I will also make sure you understand the mental side of racing. Racing is a confidence driven sport, without a lot of it, all the bike in the world is useless. Group training is also great to meet new riding buddies and push each other!

2 day weekend group classes are 10 students for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and all mini bikes, any age. (no 50's please, sorry):  2-day group classes are $375.00 and require a $50.00 deposit that can be paid via PayPal.

  • 2 Day School -  6 Hours/ At Dirt Soldiers Mx Training Facility
  • 10 riders
  • 9am to 4:00 pm
  • $375 per rider
  • Camping available at track/Motels close to training facility
  • Track open after training to practice what you just been taught
  • $50 deposit to hold spot in training/ Paid on registration form

Two day group classes are six hours long from 9 AM to 3 PM. The track is open afterwards for practice to work on what you have just been taught.

2017 Camp Training Schools At Dirt Soldiers MX Facility

  • June 10th &11th/2017
  • July 15th & 16th/2017

Space Is Limited. Hold Your Spot Today!

Contact to learn more or set up training.


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Bring me to your local track

If you are interested in a 2 day weekend class in your area, have access to a track, and are interested in putting together a group of 12-15 students contact Scoob and he will get you more details and let you know what is in it for you for your time and effort.

Contact Scoob at (814) 330-2058