Hire Me

Motocross racing is not easy. But there are ways to kick some serious tail.

I’ve spent 30+ years riding dirt bikes and racing motocross. Along the way, I’ve messed up… countless times and got whipped pretty good many times. I’m not going to lie, I’ve also won a lot of races when I dialed it all in. I was no natural and busted my butt learning all I could to be a better racer and go faster. Now I can pass this knowledge on to you.

I can lead you directly towards what works and get you there in expedited fashion.

There are coaches and schools… and then there’s me.

I am here to help you achieve your motocross racing goals. I love this sport and it is a massive passion of mine. I love inspiring young and adult riders and to see them get that feeling that only motocross racing can give. I love it when I see a persons eyes light up cause they get it.

I’m 110% dedicated to helping you in this sport.

My core objective is to generate massive improvements for you.

You’re here because you found me somewhere and were intrigued enough to learn about how we might work together.

Skype Coaching/Google Hangout/ Facebook Video Call

Technology rocks! I am a huge fan of the medium. Skype, Google, Facebook makes it super easy to connect, face-to-face, from anywhere on the planet.

So, let’s get together online via webcam for 30 minutes and help you nail down your racing problems or address your most pressing issue. If you can get the computer to your bike I can even view you on your machine and go over the Center of Balance & Master of the 5 Controls….

Cost $47


Let’s Make 2 days Of It. Become The Badass Motocrosser You Were Born To Be...

For 2 days I’m all yours. We’ll dig in, get to the crux of what your goals and objectives are (or set ‘em if you don’t know what I’m talking about), and create a step-by-step game plan for making it happen. In motocross racing, nothing is more powerful than mastering the techniques. One day with me and you will be the jedi racing master.

  • I will come to you at your personal or hometown track anywhere in the USA: 2days
  • I will come to you down South. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina 2days
  • Any International location: 2days (and you pay for me to get there, get to and from the airport, and put me up in a nice hotel)
If you’re ready to kick some butt, email me at mxscoob@gmail.com or call 814-330-2058 and let’s discuss next steps. I look forward to hearing from you.