1-on-1 Private Coaching

Personal instruction with Scoob on any discipline: MX Technique, Athletic Training, Mental Training. Includes in-person, phone consultations and e-mail correspondences.3-Hour minimum for in-person coaching.

Scoob's Dirt Soldiers Motocross Training Academy/ Master The Techniques So That You Can Ride Moto With Control, Confidence, Flow & Start Winning Races!

Imagine learning motocross skills from someone who has put in over 35 YEARS of solid motocross racing…

Just think about the level of experience and motocross wisdom they would have to teach you!

I have spent almost my whole life studying racing. Learning and picking up every bit of motocross racing advice I could. I was no natural talent and it took me years of hard practice to get to the pro level.

The benefit of all this was that I found out the fastest and proper ways to ride a motocross bike and I can now pass these fundamental techniques on to you.

You don’t have to just think about it now you can get actual ONE-ON-ONE personal coaching to BOOST your motocross skills from a real expert!

You will learn, understand and practice the fundamental principals.  No matter your experience or ability there is much to learn for all levels.  You will begin to see what top professionals are doing and more importantly how you can benefit by employing these same techniques. You will learn to control your motorcycle like you never thought you could. 

Dirt Soldiers Private Training
Ready to discover motocross techniques & secrets to take your racing skills to a whole new level?
Private Training is 1-on-1 training focused on expanding your knowledge & skills. Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, and all mini bikes, any age.


Coaching At DSMX Facility

  • 1-on-1/ 3hr-$210 / 4hr- $280 / 6hr-$420/ Register now below!
  • Includes in-person, phone consultations and e-mail correspondences.
  • Weekdays & Weekends
  • $50 deposit to hold spot in training/ Paid on registration form below.

Contact for coaching at your local track to learn more or set up training.

  • Contact for details/ Phone: 814-330-2058 Email: mxscoob@gmail.com

Bring me to your local track

If you are interested in a 2 day weekend class in your area, have access to a track, and are interested in putting together a group of 12-15 students contact Scoob and he will get you more details and let you know what is in it for you for your time and effort.

Contact Scoob at (814) 330-2058