Summer Activities That Keep You Moto Fit

Are you looking for some fun summer activities that will also keep you moto fit? It’s easy to get lazy in the summer, but if you combine fun with exercise it can be much easier to get (or stay) in shape. Here are some ideas for fun summer activities that keep you moto fit.

Horseback Riding

Do you have a stable nearby where you can pay for a ride? Or perhaps you’d like to take up horseback riding lessons. No matter how you choose to get on a horse, swinging a leg over your steal pony or the real deal, it’s a fun activity that can strengthen core muscles great for motocross and burn calories. Just make sure you stick with your experience level, and have a guide with you.


Outdoor water fun is definitely a summer thing. Depending on the activity, it can be an inexpensive activity to get started with, and whole families can participate. The most basic way to enjoy water in the summer is to find a pool and go swimming. Not a swimmer? Then enroll in some swimming classes, or use a kickboard to navigate the pool. Here are some other fun water activities for the summer:

* Stand Up Jet skiing (Killer for moto some of the best training I ever did was Stand Up Jet Ski)
* Water skiing (Great for moto leg strength)
* Stand Up Paddle Board (Awesome moto training for the core)
* Kayaking/Canoeing (Kick ass moto training for staying loose in the upper body and learning lean angles)

No matter what water activity you choose to engage in, make sure that safety is always a priority.

Lawn Games

From Frisbee to horseshoes, lawn games are a time-honored way for people to “take exercise.” You might even be able to get the neighborhood involved in a friendly competition. Here are some of the more popular lawn games:

* Volleyball
* Horseshoes
* Frisbee

Hiking Your Local Mountain

Hiking exercises almost every part of your body: legs, knees, ankles, arms, hips and butt, abdominals, shoulders and neck. Hiking exercises your body and your mind, and nourishes your imagination, Also really great for us vet riders with thrashed knees. You get the cardio with a lot less impact on the knees!

Another plus: you don’t have to be in perfect shape to start. Even if you are overweight, getting physical can lead to health benefits. But don’t run out and climb a 14er if you’ve long been inactive. The experts say if you’re 35 or older and have been inactive for several years, or you already have a condition such as high blood pressure, check with your doctor first. Hiking is a great way to start exercising, Start with easy hikes and work up to steeper hikes that work your legs more.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes offer an alternative to conditioning off the dirt bike but keeping the same basic principles to balance and control intact. Many motocross professionals ride mountain bikes to increase stamina, grip, leg and upper arm strength, and help with balance and dexterity.

Fitness Vacations

This summer, why not work fitness into your vacation? A fitness vacation is a time away from home that focuses on physical activity. There is something physically active scheduled into every day of your trip. This may mean that you come home more fit than when you left!

Rise and grind

When all else fails, getting up before your kids might be the only way to get a workout in. Although waking before the sun can be tough, by starting an early morning routine and sticking to it, your body will learn to adapt quickly and before you know it, you’ll be an early riser! Bonus: Getting your workout in before your kids are up leaves you the rest of the day to play and have fun!

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