A step-by-step coaching system YOU can use to transform your riding to the next level...no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an amateur racer.

Dirt Soldiers Motocross Racing School Master The Techniques To Ride Moto With Control, Confidence, Flow & Start Winning Races!

Imagine learning motocross skills from someone who has put in over 35 YEARS of solid motocross racing…

 Just think about the level of experience and motocross wisdom they would have to teach you!

I have spent almost my whole life studying racing. Learning and picking up every bit of motocross racing advice I could. I was no natural talent and it took me years of hard practice to get to the pro level.

The benefit of all this was that I found out the fastest and proper ways to ride a motocross bike and I can now pass these fundamental techniques on to you.

You don’t have to just think about it now you can get actual ONE-ON-ONE personal coaching to BOOST your motocross skills from a real expert!

You will learn, understand and practice the fundamental principals.  No matter your experience or ability there is much to learn for all levels.  You will begin to see what top professionals are doing and more importantly how you can benefit by employing these same techniques.  You will learn to control your motorcycle like you never thought you could. 

ACCELERATE your skills and mx abilities in a fraction of normal time. Learn new skills, techniques, and secrets to boost your performance.

Rest in the confidence of a skilled motocross expert who can watch and train you and take your riding to a whole new level!

With our powerful motocross training, “results come fast” You will think to yourself… ”I wish I would have discovered this sooner!”

Dirt Soldiers Mx Riding School - Scoob Motocross School Instructor will teach you the fundamentals of riding a dirt bike.  You will learn motorcycle physics, the technology and the science of how a dirt bike works and how you the rider can work with it.

You will have the foundation to build on your riding skills to any level you want.  And if you are already a hot shot, fast guy you will discover what is missing in your riding, put it in place and have breakthrough results in your riding! That is a promise!

Does all this sound like something you would love to learn?

Don’t just take my word, read a few of the testimonials below about this unique training…


I wanted to let you know how motivated Nate has become since he started working with you. Your patience and personality really work well for him and he looks forward to training. Your explanations of riding techniques and off season workouts has given him a renewed drive. He’s looking forward to your continued help and support.

Thank you,

Jim Rader

"My last year working with Scoob at Dirt Soilders Mx has been the best part of my young racing career. Scoob has all the tools you need to become a more confident and more powerful rider on and off the track.

The biggest thing that has helped me is my confidence in myself, in other words Scoob lit that fire under me and it has me with an attitude that always pushes myself harder and harder each time im at the gym, and on the track."

Andrew Dilley

Are you ready to take your motocross to the next level?

Are you ready to get personal ONE-ON-ONE training from a person who has 35 years of motocross wisdom and real experience?

Now is the time to take a chance on yourself. Now is the time to get the training you DESIRE deep down in your heart.

Why spend years and investment in other information or ideas that just don’t get you anywhere but broke?

Have you ever wondered what might be the best way to spend your money in order to get you riding faster and in control?

Ask yourselves this: what is the power and effectiveness of this investment? And is it making a true and measurable difference to your performance?

You can bolt on your bike all kind of expensive aftermarket part, it’s not going to help you very much if you don’t have the skill to put it to use.

By learning and improving your riding techniques, you will become a better, safer and  faster rider.  

For your special needs and one-on-one attention. I will put my 35 years of racing experience at your service to accelerate your progress and help you achieve your goals.

You might want to train in private, in absolute confidence or a just a rider wanting to concentrate on certain areas of your game, wanting the intensity that the 1 to 1 gives you… “results come fast here”.

You will transform the way you ride! Did I mention we will have lots of fun too? Yes lots of fun on your bike all day. space is limited Join a DSMX Coaching school Now!

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