Walk The Track & Visualize

Walk The Track & Visualize

Try this technique to really improve your motocross racing results on the track. You need to be able to run the whole track you are racing in your mind. Picture every jump, turn, straight- away , everything about the track you are at.This way you do not have to second guess anything when you are racing and help you make less mistakes. You can work on things lik passing riders to get to the front, unless you get the hole-shot which this technique will also help.

When you do get the hole-shot , you definitely want to know the whole track so you can flow, make no mistakes, and win the race. So when you get to the track, go out and walk from the starting gate to the finish line making a mental picture as you go.When you are done, go back to your pit and sit down without any distractions and picture yourself on your bike at the starting gate and run yourself through the whole track. Picture every part just as if you were out there racing. If you come to a part you can’t remember, head back to the track then start over and run through it again.

Do this until you can run through the entire track. I know it sounds like a lot, especially if you never been to this track before but it’s really not that bad. You can picture a whole track you never been to before in about 10 min. And the thing is, the more you do this the easier it gets. Your mind is just like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.mx track walk

The key is to do this with no distractions. Also don’t think that if you know the track really good you do not need to go through these steps. So once you got it, run it through your mind from the hole-shot until the end 5-10 times. You can run it through your mind just like your racing and winning. You can also do this with the hole-shot.

Picture yourself on the line, the 30 card going sideways, the gate dropping, and you pulling the hole-shot in front of every other rider. Also run this picture 5-10 times. After you have a picture of the whole track, you would not believe how good this really works. Just give it a try. I promise once you start doing this you will make sure you do this at every race and I guarantee you will see better results!


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